Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

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And The GrandChase continues….! : GrandChase-Dimensional Chase Latest Updates

Latest updates from our beloved game GrandChase-Dimensional Chase includes a new large map ” Kounat ” and will be available for everyone. New S-Class Heroes will also be introduced such as the Tank type ‘Baronas’ and the Assault type ‘Kalisa’. Level up will also increased from 80 – 90.

After the traces of Red Knight’Elesis’ was revealed, The story continues for our Heroes who traveled to the Kingdom of Kounat which boasted a brilliant civilization.

Our Heroes will try to conquer 36 stages for four difficulty. Users will be immersed in the innermost part of events that led the ‘Kounat’ Kingdom’s destruction in a massive explosion.

In Celebration with the update, There will be exciting in-game and facebook events that will be held where you can win “Gems”, “Special Summon”, and “Gold”.

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