Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

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Axie Esports Announced

Axie Alerts PH has announced that Sky Mavis is deploying a dedicated server for Axie esports while working on scaling their primary game servers.

Axie Esports

The server is target to be live at the end of the month and to support this rollout, Axie Alerts PH is committing 5,000 AXS ($145,450) from the play-to-earn allocation pool in prize money for community tournaments taking place this year.

Event proposals are being accepted from July 15th – July 29th from community tournament organizers and will publish a schedule for the rest of the year, after approving select events.

We will review all of the event proposals submitted by August 6th, 2021 with the goal of coming up with a master schedule for the next four months.

The Axie Alerts PH team is hoping to schedule about 10 events during this four-month period, with the goal of spreading the AXS across multiple regions and skill levels.”

Via Zyori | Axie Infinity, Discord.

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