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Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles’ Intro Trailers for Tanjiro & Nezuko

SEGA has released intro trailers for Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado from Versus Mode of Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, the video game adaptation of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime.

TANJIRO TRAILER (Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae)

Following his tutelage under Sakonji Urokodaki, Tanjiro Kamado has learned to wield “Water Breathing”, and after being attacked by demons and turning into one herself, Nezuko Kamado shows off her own demonic powers in Versus Mode!

NEZUKO TRAILER (Voiced by: Akari Kitō)

You can check this link for the Intro Trailers for Zenitsu Agatsuma & Inosuke Hashibira.

*Game visuals of the characters here are based on the 3D models used in-game as developed by CyberConnect2.

TitleDemon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles
Release DateComing 2021
PlatformsPlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam
LanguagesJapanese / English Voiceover English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese Subtitles    
DeveloperCyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.
ProductionAniplex Inc.
SEGA Asia Facebook
Copyright©Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable. ©DEMON SLAYER KIMETSU NO YAIBA THE HINOKAMI CHRONICLES COMMITTEE. All rights reserved.      

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