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Game Creator Hideo Kojima Tagged Wrongly as Shinzo Abe’s Assasin

Game Creator Hideo Kojima Tagged Wrongly as Shinzo Abe's Assasin

Famous game creator Hideo Kojima was mistaken as the assassin of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It was far-right French politician Damien Rieu who mistook Kojima and tagged him on a now deleted Tweet. The tweet reads (translated):

Tetsuya has confessed to his actions to the police, admitting that he wanted Abe dead because he was disappointed and upset with him. The police have learned that he [the culprit] had served in the Navy Special Forces and taught a unit in Medical School on Physiotherapy for dementia patients. He was passionate about Che Guevara. –


It seems that the French far-right politician is using Abe’s assassination to bolster his attack on the left and paint them as dangers to society as well. Later on he did made another tweet and apologized.

I naively took a joke for information. I didn’t think we could make humor about the assassination of a man but I was wrong not to check before sharing. My apologies to #HideoKojima and #MetalGear fans 🙏🏼


It seems that he mistook a tweet as a fact from another tweeter user. See below:

According to information available, Rieu is the parliamentary assistant of French far-right European MP and National Rally party member Philippe Olivier. Rieu was a founding member of the now shutdown anti-migrant Generation Identity group. The group participated in multiple stunts and violent attacks that led to the arrest of several members.

There was no immediate response from Hideo Kojima regarding the matter.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the longest-serving leader of modern Japan, was gunned down on Friday while campaigning for a parliamentary election, shocking a country where guns are tightly controlled and political violence almost unthinkable.


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