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Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

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Game Released : Onmyoji

A game developed and publised by one of the biggest game developer in china NetEase. A turned based fantasy strategy MMO role playing game available for iOS, Android and PC. Onmyoji is a game that takes play in the mythical heinan period Japan circa 794 – 1185 AD. It tells the story of Abe no Seimei a wizard or onmyoji in japanese culture an adventure to regain his memory in world where humans and natural beings co-exist. Ghost and Demons lurks around the shadows hiding and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike the human world. Onmyoji’s are gifted individuals and their task are to form a contract with a spirit or shikigamis and summon them to help with their adversities and make the world safe.

Controlling Onmyojis, Summoning and training shikigamis will be the main concept of its gameplay. Souls are require to equip with the shikigamis which are obtained as the game progress. Players can do guild interactions collaborate with other players to overcome hard contents. Both Onmyojist and shikigamis have three attacks with different properties that makes shinigami unique to one another. You can also build you team of shikigami according to their various synergies. Wonderful story, Epic Strategy based gameplay and novelty are the main attractions of this game.










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