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Is Axie Infinity Streaming Banned on Facebook Gaming? The Truth!

We heard breaking news circulating that Facebook Gaming bans Axie Infinity Streaming thus if you are a streamer you cannot stream Axie Infinity. Is this the truth? What is the real status when it comes to this issue?

Facebook Gaming Bans Axie - The Truth

The Truth on Facebook Gaming Banning Axie Infinity Streaming

If you try to search Google for the term or any related term which relates to Axie Infinity streaming and Facebook Gaming ban you will see only one post related to it. This post is “unofficial” and the image used in the article is also deceiving and clickbait.

According to the article itself, ” Facebook Gaming COULD BAN Axie Infinity Streaming.” The term is could ban and not seeing other posts about this nor an official Facebook Gaming post means that this is not legitimate news and might not be true at all.

In truth, the article is in a way to boost the increasing popularity of Axie and is also a way to show Facebook Gaming in advance that many streamers are actually supporting the game, thus making them think twice before actually banning it on their platform.

Without a proper source to the alleged claims, we are debunking this news as UNTRUE.

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