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Is Teyvat the Ark from the Honkai Impact Comic?

I came across one very amazing theory online and if you will analyze it, this one actually makes sense. What do you think?

What if Teyvat IS the Ark from the Honkai Impact Comic? (Teyvat is Hebrew for Noah’s Ark).

Project: ARK. (From Honkai Impact comic)

“An Ark of retained knowledge bearing a copy of the human genome library. The Ark was launched to seek another inhabitable planet for Humanity”

Is Teyvat the ark in honkai impact

The archons are there to keep the world in a time loop. Celestia is the control base to make sure everything falls in line to guarantee survival until the ark finds a new world to inhabit.

This would explain why the travelers were stopped by the unknown god since they must have been trying to go to another world after exploring Teyvat. However, doing so would make them leave the enclosed world.

This is further reinforced by Scaramouche’s musings after sifting through the essence of the fallen meteor found in musk reef.

“The stars, the sky… It’s all a gigantic hoax. A lie.”

Then the time loop explains Aether and Lumine in multiple timeloops after restarts made by the unknown god.

Not sure if the archons know this but they might have an idea at the least.

This would explain why Lumine says that she went in a journey just like how our MC did and that we will discover the same truths that she did at the end of the journey.

Is Teyvat the ark in honkai impact

This means that in the future, we might fight Decarabian, Durin, and other historical figures that have long died in the past.

The reason why the travelers can access the elements without the vision is because they are essentially the ones who contain the genome of Teyvat humans itself.

Original Reference/Source: Excel Ray Barba Biña

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