Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

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KALARO, the Super Platform for Gamers and Esports in the Philippines

The Philippines is gearing up to boost its Esports and gaming capabilities and hopes to be competitive with the rest of Asia and the world. Just this May 8, KALARO was officially launched to the public as a super platform for gamers, tournament organizers, streamers and more.

KALARO Super Platform for Gamers in the Philippines

KALARO as Tournament Platform

KALARO offers all the tools you need as a tournament organizer. It makes it very easy for you to organize the tournament from registration to bracketing, up to the actual declaration of winners.

This is the platform that we partnered with during the recently concluded AKATSUKI CUP Amateur Mobile Legends Tournament and I would say we are satisfied.

We hope that it will really be used and utilized not only by tournament organizers but also by gamers and Esports Teams in the Philippines.

KALARO as a Platform for Gamers

I would say KALARO still has a long way to go to develop its user interface and features but they are up to a good start. Gamers can register using their Facebook Account, Email or even their Razer account.

Once registered you can share your status updates. game streams, create a team and even follow other gamers and streamers.

They also have KALARO Gems which allows you to buy great items from their sponsors and partners. You might just get a gaming chair or an awesome gaming mouse by utilizing gems at their online shop.

I am looking forward and anticipating with great excitement how will indeed become the go-to for gamers in the Philippines. Register now at and start your journey.

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