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We love looking for online games around and we unexpectedly spotted CulinarySchools.Org having games for kids. We tried most of the games but today, we would love to share the games which are pretty challenging and can definitely be enjoyed by adults (like me).

As we browsed the main site, CulinarySchools.Org is actually a website (or more like a portal) that contains mostly all information that you need in the culinary field. Such as schools, degree types, careers, college majors, and a lot more. It’s pretty amazing to see that they also have fun games available and of course here at Red Cloud Gaming, we love featuring games so these are some of our personal picks:

Airport Rush

Curious at how to work in a flight control tower? Let Airport Rush help you simulate what you need to see. Choose one from 3 available maps and strategize how you control the upcoming, on standby and ready to fly planes. Our recommended strategy is to just relax and have fun. Don’t rush too much or else you’ll panic and a simple mistake can make the airplanes crash with each other.

Milk for Cat

Help the thirsty cat get the amount of milk that it needs by playing Milk for Cat. The game consists of 50 stages. You need to cut a carton, cut a rope, rotate bars and poke bigger milk cartons and be sure to have all the possible milk be drinking by the cat or else you’ll lose the stage and will not be able to proceed to the next level.

It’s a pretty fun game in terms of its visuals and also a challenging one as you need to strategize on how the milk will go directly to the cat’s mouth rather than spilling them to different directions.

Plumber Soda

Strategize on how to fill the big soda bottle by playing Plumber Soda. Choose a gender that you prefer and play by rotating the pipes so the soda can reach from the start to the end. Our strategy actually is to arrange the pipe from the end going to the starting area. Each stage gets pretty hard as you proceed. We definitely love logic puzzle games like this.

Tap Supermarket

Tap Supermarket is a simulation game that lets you run a supermarket just by tapping things around. To be honest, it’s not as easy as it looks. You need to have fast reflexes so the customers will not have to wait longer. Be on the lookout for the out of stock shelves and replenish them as fast as you could so you can earn more money.

We love challenging simulation games like this and we look forward to more simulation games like this.

We love playing free and no ads browser games. We discovered an amazing variety of games from CulinarySchools.Org and we are hooked.

Do you have any browser games that you keep on playing in particular? Share us your thoughts.

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