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Mobile Legends Adventure Gameplay and Review

Mobile Legends Adventure

Want to play Mobile Legends but you want to avoid of the so called in-game cancer?  Well, why not try Mobile Legends Adventure?  This is  said to be the sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang but how good is it really.  Well, check out the gameplay and video from our friends at Red Cloud Gaming and Esports.

Mobile Legends Adventure Gameplay

During the first day of release of MOBILE LEGENDS ADVENTURE we played it and live stream if via Red Cloud Gaming and Esports.  Here is the game play and initial review of the game.

Review of Mobile Legends Adventure

Personally, I like the game since it is a very casual game and you can play it without the need for somebody to team up with.  In this game you also get to understand the heroes from Mobile Legends more.  Graphics is also great and the story is something that is worth reading and following.

You have various options to play including an Adventure or Story Mode where you progress to various chapters of the story of the characters.  You can also play the Tower of Babel where you battle enemy heroes across floors with increasing difficulty and awesome rewards.

There is also a somewhat ranked game and PvP but you need Arena tickets to keep on fighting.

As for levelling up, it was pretty easy to understand.  The effectiveness of heroes depends not only on level but also on star power.  I cannot forget how at one ttime it seems too impossible to beat Hilda during my initial experience of the Time Portals.

What about you?  What do you think of Mobile Legends Adventure?

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