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New Games for Nintendo Switch 2021

Nintendo through Nintendo Direct Live has just presented upcoming games for Nintendo Switch in 2021. What are the games that we can expect? Are you excited about it? Let’s check it out.

What games do you like the most? Share it with us and tell us why?

As for me, I am personally looking forward to the Mario Golf and the remastered Legend of Mana. I also hope to try Samurai Warriors 5, and that means spending tons of cash for games this year. Damn Nintendo!

As a Star Wars fans, I am also looking forward to STAR WARS HUNTERS. It seems to sound really interesting. Though I am not a fan of FPS, I will definitely try this one.

The most annoying game which I hope they did not release is the return of classic games that we love from FamiCom. Damn, I must have them as well. Seems like Nintendo is trying to make us love them even more, and I would say it is very effective.

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