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Philippine Internet Speed is Improving

Internet speed in the Philippines is improving but it still remains to be one of the slowest.  In the recent world rankings made by Ookla, the Philippines ranks 97 in fixed internet connection with an average speed of 25.69Mbps, way below the global average of 71.55Mbps download and 38.91Mbps upload. It was also a -7 rank move for the country.

Meanwhile, in terms of Mobile internet speed, the Philippines is ranked 104 with an average speed of 17.15Mbps.  The global average is at 30.93Mbps download and 11.88Mbps upload.

Internet Speed Philippines

Plans to Speed-up Internet Connection in the Philippines

We are asking what happened to the plans to speed up our internet connections.  Despite the fact that there are new players like Converge ICT, it seems that internet connection is still slow.  The low showing at global rankings might be because other countries are also improving their network.  In the Philippines, a third TelCo is now approved but there are still apprehensions as this is a player with investments from China.

Internet speed in the Philippines had dropped compared to its previous average published in February 2019.  As per an article in Eastvantage.

“The numbers raised from 7.91 Megabits per second (Mbps) in July 2016 and rose to 19.28 Mbps just this February 2019. That’s a 143.74% increase in the last three years. The same has happened to mobile broadband speed, which improved from 7.44 Mbps (July 2016) to 14.46 Mbps (February 2019). This was a 94.35% increase.”

The thirst telco player in the Philippines, DITO Telecommunity will begin rolling out its crucial infrastructure and launch commercial operations by 2020.  They will also be in partnership with SkyCable Corp., owned by the Lopez family’s ABS-CBN Corp., as well as the group of former Ilocos Sur governor Luis Chavit Singson.

Faster and More Affordable Internet Soon

With 3 competitors buying for consumers, it would seem that the internet in the country will soon be more affordable and faster.

“These two deals allow DITO to tap reliable local partners and their existing telecommunication infrastructure assets to support our network rollout, without having to build everything from scratch; done to ensure that we soon deliver on our promise of faster, more affordable and most importantly secure internet connectivity for our countrymen,” DITO chief administrative officer Adel A. Tamano said in a statement.

In its statement, DITO said the deal with SkyCable—a growing player in the broadband space— covered the latter’s unused fiber optic cables within Metro Manila.  The deal with Singson’s LCS Holdings, meanwhile, covered building new telco towers “in key areas of the country.”

Will we expect better internet speed in the Philippines?  What do you think?


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