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Rules of Survival is Dying!

If your on this website then probably your one of few people who invested on this game and before you comment down and bash this article. Give me a chance to speak up and understand the sad truth why some people who played this spectacular game quitting. I got to admit this game is extremely fun on its roots even though most but not all of its elements is based on a game called Player’s Unknown Battleground. It had a different feeling and play style that we’ve really enjoyed and at the same time giving it PUBG vibe. I’ve had a blast because this is the first game that I officially livestream on my twitch channel and I really enjoyed every second of it. What I will do is to give you reasons why alot of famous youtubers or content creators of this game quit even though there is a risk of them losing audience and unsubscribes.

“I don’t want to trow anybody under the bus infact I was on board trying to help this game grow further into something great in hopes that my channel grow with it but I can no longer put on a smile and play this game while its clear as day that this company only care about their self profits” – Youtuber Tripezzy

Every one feels that the Developers just want to get profits from us instead of fixing the game. Every single update that they have been releasing are just new content such us skins, weapon skins, cars skins which will cost you $500 to get ( only by chance for some of it ) and recently they added the “Spray” that is so disappointing which you can only buy for a limited amount which is so money grabby. A lot of advertisements of their own product will also appear every log in as well as every end of the game. It seems like at this point they are just trying to get more money as they possibly can on their remaining customers before the game completely dies.

“This game isnt fun anymore, This game isnt what it used to be” – Youtuber Digitfox

Honestly, Skins and diamond prizes is my last reason to quit Rules of Survival because you can avoid buying anything and just play the game for free right? But the amount of glitches that is already been there 3 months ago that should have been fix already but its not.

Rules of Survival is infested with Hackers. I know that the developers are working on their Anti-Cheat system and I believe them because there is no saying that they are just ignoring the fact that there are hackers but the truth is there’s just to many hackers to play this game on PC and its unfortunate because that is where I also play. I also believe that the developers will never gonna beat them and the rest of the game will just be full of hackers. Try to understand the first hack that come out from the game months ago is still there as of today.

Lastly, Majority of the famous youtubers/content creators of this game is just fed up with the developers as NoahfromYouTube mentioned on he’s video “Been talking to them for months now and have been lied to, Have been let down, Have had like a I said broken promises, Have been mislead been used and I’m just kind of done with the developers as well. A lot of people are probably arguing that I should play on the mobile edition of the game but I just dont want to support the company anymore”.

It was fun and we enjoyed it but it needs to be stop if does not worth anymore.

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