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Life is short, play more. Fun Online Slither Gameplay and Review Fun Online Slither Game Review

Perhaps Snake is one of the oldest mobile games.  It is, in fact, one of the oldest games if we even add board games to the line-up.  For, me to see a game that features the same old snake with a twist, that is something nostalgic.  In this Game Seer PH Review let me introduce you to SNAKE.IO, a game published and developed by KooApps.

Simple Game Yet Relaxing is a very simple game.  You choose the skin for your snake and then you play.  There can be annoying ads if you do not have the full feature but that is part of the way to make the game stay in circulation so please understand.

As a snake what you do is either eat the food scattered on the field or find a way that other snakes will bump into you.  After they die then you can eat them and then your snake will grow and grow and grow.

The game is not complicated although at first, I do not know how to really kill other players.  When I learned about it, I made sure I did it and emerged as number one.  Time limit?  There is no time limit to this game, so as long as your snake is alive then you can play forever (if you can or so it seems.). Techniques

I am not an expert with but based on my livestream and actually playing the game here are some of the things I learned and want to share:

  • When you come in you are supercharged.  Be sure to kill as many big snakes as you can when you have that boost since when you collide you kill them instantly.  This is a good chance to get big early in the game.
  • Boost your speed.  When there are possible kills especially big and large snakes, use the speed boost to block them and let them collide to you.
  • Be observant and aware.  Awareness and observation are key to surviving in  Do not let your attention go somewhere else because for all you know that 1 second of lost attention can kill your snake.
  • Circle till it chokes them.  Another technique is if you are big enough you can circle smaller snakes and that will make their movement difficult.  Most of the time they will eventually succumb to you and die.


I am encouraging you to download this casual game,

You can also check and follow the Facebook Page: Fun Online Slither is published and created by Kooapps.

Have you played  Share us your experience.

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